How to migrate your WordPress website to BladeWP

To start moving your website you need FTP and DB credentials. Normally you get those details from your webhoster. If you don’t have those credentials, please send an email to your current webhoster to ask for those credentials.

Download WordPress files with FileZilla

Because we are going to transfer we need a solid solution so no files are going to missing. You can download FileZilla on their download page. After downloading you can login to the FTP server.

Export WordPress database with PHPMyAdmin

If you don’t have your database credentials you can find these in the wp-config.php file in the root of your FTP. You also need the location/URL of the PHPMyAdmin environment. Mostly this is If you don’t know the location you can ask your webhoster for the location.

After you found the location and have the credentials you can go to the URL and fill in the credentials.

After you login you can clink on the left side on the database name. After that your database will show up. Click on the top side on ‘Export’, after that you can just start the export without selecting any options. After some time the download will just start. Please remember the name of the export (ending with .sql).

Uploading files with SFTP to BladeWP

After you downloaded your current website and database we can start importing. In the email you got from us you find the SFTP credentials. If you don’t have this email anymore you can find this information in the BladeWP control panel.

You can also fill in these credentials in FileZilla, the only thing you need to do is to use port 22. When you fill that in, FileZilla will switch to the SFTP protocol. After you see a list of your environments, you click on the environment you want to import. Then you click on production and then public_html. You can browse now on your computer to the downloaded files. Select all files (except wp-config.php) and drag these files to the public_html folder in FileZilla.

Importing the database to BladeWP

First of all you need the database credentials. In the SFTP you find the wp-config.php file. In this file you will find the credentials. The PHPMyAdmin URL you can find in the registration email or in the BladeWP control panel.

After logging in you can click on the left side on the database name, then you see a empty database. Now you can click on the top side on import. Click on browse files and search on your computer for the exported .sql file.

To much work or you want us to do the moving?

No problem, our moving service is free. Email us your FTP and DB credentials to and we take care of it.