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Environment health explained


Written by Bram Koster

Last updated 11 months ago

With the environment health status you know how your site is doing with one simple look. For some statuses we also send automatic emails to prevent a simple problem cause bigger problems.

Different statuses

No explanation needed. Nothing to do. Great job!

Under attack
There are a lot of failed login attempts, please consider using the Web Application Firewall

There are a lot of PHP requests being failovered. Most of the time this is because you run low on memory or CPU.

You have one or more plugins/themes that are vulnerable for hackers/attacks. Please make sure you have the latest version of all plugins.

You use more resources than the plan allows. Please upgrade to a higher plan.

Outdated PHP
You use a (nearly) outdated version of PHP. Please consider selecting a higher version of PHP (higher is better).

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