Good hosting comes with good prices

All includes our free moving service, 30 days trial and you can cancel every time of the day if we don’t fit your needs

  • Minimal
    16 / month
    • Unlimited storage/bandwidth
    • 128MB Docker Memory
    • 500 000 Requests
    • BladeWP Caching
    • No CDN
    • Support within 4 hours
  • Maximal
    31 / month
    • Free Moving Service
    • Unlimited storage/bandwidth
    • 512MB Docker Memory
    • 5 Million Requests
    • BladeWP Caching
    • Free CDN
    • Support within 2 hours

* All prices are excl. VAT

Awesome features you’ll get

One click backup and restore

With one simple click on a button you can easily backup your website, every time a day. Every night we make a backup of your website, with no addtional costs.

Free migration service

We make it very easy for you. We take care of the migration process. You can give us access to your old hosting or send us the WordPress files and database. We take care of the rest.

No contracts

We believe customers need the full flexiblity. Because of that we don’t have any contracts. If you’re not satisfied you can cancel any time of the day.

Free fix when hacked

When your WordPress website gets hacked, we fix it for free and prevent that it happens again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Someone needs to get access to my environment, can I create a new login?

Yes. You can add users to your environment. He or she can access your environment with their own login information. Please be aware that the user first needs to create a new account on our website, then you can add the username to your environment.

What if I exceed the requests limit?

Nothing. If you exceed the limit for one time only there is no problem. When you exceed it monthly then receive a email to upgrade the package.

Why do you have a requests limit and no bandwith limit?

This has a very simple reason. We want to stimulate customers to use not to much resources in their sites. Some sites have more than 25 .js files. This is not fast and requests a lot of power from the visitor and our servers.

What is a ‘environment’ and how much websites can I host on one environment?

An environment is your own part of the hosting. You can host one WordPress website per environment.

You work with a montly contract, how does it work?

We believe that people need flexiblity these days. We don’t have contracts, you can cancel it every time a day if you want.

How do I start my free 30 days trial?

Simple. Just go to The Signup Page and create your account. From that day, the 30 day trial starts. We don’t need any creditcard information whatsoever. You pay if you are satisfied with our hosting service, after the 30 days trial.

What is a “Production” environment?

Production is the same as ‘going life with your website’.

How many wordpress websites can I host on one environment?

You can host 1 website, per 1 environment.

For example:

You have 3 websites at the moment. You want all of them moved to bladeWP. Than it’s the 3 websites, to 3 different environments. So it’s 3 times the priceplan you want and need.

NOTE: If you have a lot of websites, please contact us. We can help you with a better solution.
How can I pay?

You can pay per bank transaction. Every month or 3/6 monts you get a invoice. We don’t need credit card information.

How do I start when I want to make a new website in Development?


Step 1: Make an account

Step 2: Create your environment. Note: the name of the environment is the best to name it the same as your website name. But limited to 12 chacacters.

Step 3: go to your development url. This is the environment name you just created. So: “”. Then you’ll see that the wordpress is already installed, you only need to activate. It’s that simple.

What our customers say about us

  • Speed is one of the most important factors for conversion and ranking in Google, especially with WordPress websites. Trustworthy and fast hosting with support is important that BladeWP understands.

    Alex van Ginneken
    Alex van Ginneken Internet entrepreneur at
  • BladeWP ensures with their personal service and excellent communication that we can focus on our own business without thinking about hosting.

    Dorit Roest
    Dorit Roest Founder & Co-Owner at The Influencers Movement (TIM)
  • Choosing BladeWP gave us a lot of firmness. We are assured of a stabilized platform over which we are in control ourselves. When needed, the service offered is quick and accurate.

    Jan Kees Nentjes
    Jan Kees Nentjes Projectcoordinator at Royal Jongbloed
  • BladeWP was amazing in assisting me during the launch of Startup Stash. The site went viral and got 100K uniques and 500K pageviews in two weeks, without breaking a sweat. The BladeWP hosting took care of everything and Bram was there to help me every step of the way. Glad to have him on my side!

    Bram Kanstein
    Bram Kanstein

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