Service globally

We have multiple servers worldwide. When creating your environment you can choose the server location. Currently you can choose from: Amsterdam, Roubaix, Stockholm, San Francisco

Awesome features you’ll get

One click backup and restore

With one simple click on a button you can easily backup your website, every time a day. Every night we make a backup of your website, with no addtional costs.

Free migration service

We make it very easy for you. We take care of the migration process. You can give us access to your old hosting or send us the WordPress files and database. We take care of the rest.

No contracts

We believe customers need the full flexiblity. Because of that we don’t have any contracts. If you’re not satisfied you can cancel any time of the day.

Free fix when hacked

When your WordPress website gets hacked, we fix it for free and prevent that it happens again.


Free moving service

If you dont’ have time or the knowledge to move your website we can do it for free.

Fulltime support (24/7)

We are there for you. Something broken? We help you with it, even if you broke it or you are hacked.


Transparant pricing

You get a invoice the first day of the month with the monthly costs of the coming month. You can cancel your environment any time of the day, the remaining days will be refunded.

30 days free trial

No contract – Free moving service – 30 days trial – Pagespeed Results Under One Second! – Guaranteed –