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Everything about wp-config.php at BladeWP

Everything about wp-config.php at BladeWP


Written by Bram

Last updated 3 years ago

Database config

Be default all our environments get a pre-configured wp-config.php with unique database passwords for production and development. Also all users can use their control panel username/password to access the database (through PHPMyAdmin).

Never use your personal (control panel) username and password in the wp-config.php file. This username and password have access to all your environments (production and development), database, SFTP and control panel. We have all unique passwords so that everything is separated completely.

Memory limit

By default we add a memory limit. Please be aware that this is a per request memory limit. The memory limits in our plans are per environment. If you have your memory limit on 512MB and you have also a plan with 512MB that can cause issues because the limit of the plan is as high as the memory limit itself. If you need to raise the memory limit always check if your plan still suits your needs. You can see actual memory usage in the control panel under Analytics -> Resources.

Common questions

I removed/overwritten the wp-config file, what to do?

There are two options, the first option is to download or restore the last backup and get the original wp-config.php back. The second option is to contact support and ask if the wp-config.php can be reset. This will overwrite the whole wp-config.php file including all custom configs.

Read more about restoring and downloading backups here.

Why can’t I create and remove my own database users/passwords?

Because, in our experience it is easy to loose control over the usernames and password. Besides, with one WordPress installation per environment there is no need to have multiple users and passwords. With this method we have better control and thus better safety.

Where can I find the wp-config.php file?

The wp-config.php file can be found in the public_html folder.

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