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BladeWP vulnerability scans


Written by Bram Koster

Last updated 1 year ago

All websites at BladeWP get scanned on vulnerabilities from different resources. When we find a vulnerability we let the users in that environment know so they can update the website to a newer version. By default we only let users know which environment is vulnerable for hackers but when you upgrade to Security Plus we also let you know in which plugin/theme the vulnerability is in and in which version the fix is. We also show the technical details about the vulnerability, this can be a simple XSS injection to more sophisticated problems.

What are vulnerabilities?

Vulnerabilities are weak spots in your website, most of the time created by the author of the plugin or theme the vulnerability is in. When a vulnerability is found there is almost always a new update to do which will fix the vulnerability and makes your site safe for hackers again. When you don’t update regularly the site stays vulnerable for hackers. If you don’t like to upgrade then Managed WordPress updates could be something for you. We will take care of the updates and also make sure that everything still works after the updates are done.

What happens when I don’t update?

Well, that is difficult to predict. In most cases, the vulnerability will be used by hackers to break into your website with all consequences. By not updating your site you could (depending on the country you are in) break the law by risking user data to be stolen. If that will come out could get a fine or even worse: reputation damage.

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