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Everything about the BladeWP Web Application Firewall

Everything about the BladeWP Web Application Firewall


Written by Bram

Last updated 4 years ago

All environments at BladeWP get free access to 0ur Web Application Firewall, in short WAF. With the BladeWP WAF, you can block requests to different parts of your website. This will make your website safer and it uses fewer resources. Blocked requests don’t count against your request limit.

Why should I use it?

By enabling the WAF your site will get safer and most of the time faster too. Your WordPress installation doesn’t have to handle unnecessary login attempts, ajax requests or rest API calls. If you don’t use it just disable it.

How to enable it?

You can enable the different parts of the WAF on the security page in the BladeWP Control Panel (https://incontrol.bladewp.com). After you are logged in you can go to the environment you want to set up the WAF. After that click in the sub-menu on ‘Security’. Then you see the different options under the ‘Firewall’ section. You can just enable or disable them, we didn’t want to make it more complex than it already was.

Can I make exceptions in the firewall?

Yes, you can, on the environment security page you can whitelist IP addresses with a description (like ‘IP office’ or ‘IP home’), please don’t forget to add your IPv6 address if you have one. You can check your IP addresses on http://www.whataremyips.com/.

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