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How to fix “BladeWP Firewall: Request Blocked”

How to fix “BladeWP Firewall: Request Blocked”


Written by Bram

Last updated 4 years ago

You probably came here because you got the famous “BladeWP Firewall: Request blocked” message when trying to login in the wp-admin.

Why is my request blocked?

In most cases this is a result of many login attempts on your website. This uses a lot of resources which will slow down your website, increase your bill and it can even cause downtime. Our system automatically blocks admin access when this occurs.

How do I get access again?

You have to login in the BladeWP Control panel (https://incontrol.bladewp.com) and go to the environment you get the error on and then in the submenu select ‘Security’. Over there you see a section called ‘Whitelist IP Address’, over there you can add the IP you are currently using. Don’t forget to add your IPv6 address if you have one (you can see your IP’s on http://www.whataremyips.com/). After adding it will take 5-10 seconds, after that you can refresh the page and will be able to login.

If you need help doing this please contact us at support@bladewp.com.

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