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Push to development/production


Written by Bram Koster

Last updated 1 year ago

We are currently busy developing and testing a new migration wizard that is a whole lot easier. Until then we have made this manual to help you.

Before proceeding: ALWAYS make a backup.

In the control panel we have buttons ‘push to production’ and ‘push to development’. This will ONLY copy the files, not the database. This has to be done manually.

In this example we are pushing from dev to production.

First we start with the ‘push to production’ button. This will take some time, in the meantime you can start with the database. First of all, please log in to PHPMyAdmin, go to the development database and click on export, then go. This will download the development database. Next, click on the production database and do the same thing there. It’s never bad to have an extra copy.

Now you go to the production database and select all tables and click on ‘DROP tables’. This will delete all tables with data. After all tables are gone you can go to import and select the development database from your computer.

Now comes the most important part: changing the URL’s so you can login to the wp-admin environment. First go to the ‘wp_options’ table, over there you can edit the row with key_name ‘home’ and the row with key_name ‘siteurl’. The key_value of this row is the production site url (complete, without ending with a slash or spaces). For example: https://bladewp.com

After you edited these rows you can login on your site and install the Better Search and Replace plugin. With this plugin you can search for the (full) development URL and replace it with the (full) production URL. After this is done you are ready to go.

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