Getting started with BladeWP

Getting started with BladeWP is not hard, for those who don’t have the technical knowledge they need. Thats why we are there to help.

Creating your account

You can register a new account via this link (opens in new window). It’s completely free and very simple. We only need two things, a email address to send te password to and a username where we create all your accounts with (SFTP, MySQL, Control Panel).

Activating your account

After creating you get a email (if not, please check your spam folder). In this email you find the password to login on the BladeWP control panel. You also find the link to the control panel in this email.

Creating your first environment

After logging in you can start directly with creating a new WordPress environment. Click on the big green ‘+’ sign. Here you can give your environment a name (everything you want that reffers to your website). You can also choose for the location where you want to host your website from. The best thing to do is selecting the location the closest to your visitors.


You just created a BladeWP account and a WordPress environment. The next thing you can do is to migrate your current website, let us migrate your website or start a new website.